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Norwest is an internationally-recognized leader in providing consulting expertise to the energy, mining, and natural resources industries.  For nearly 30 years we have offered a wide range of services to energy and mining companies, electric power producers, financial institutions, governments, legal firms, and regulatory agencies.  Norwest’s professional staff of engineers, hydrologists, geologists, environmental specialists and management consultants bring extensive industry experience to our consulting projects. Accordingly, we understand the opportunities, pressures, and constraints facing the industries we serve.  Our innovative, experienced-based approach is focused on assisting our clients achieve world-class performance standards.

Norwest Corporation has anchored its reputation on the active participation of its principals in every project.  Efficiency, innovation, and responsiveness make Norwest Corporation stand out from other consulting companies.   The technical knowledge of our principals are key to understanding and focusing on client needs.  This combination allows Norwest Corporation to provide quality management and technical skills in a cost-effective manner.

Today, we have more than 200 full-time employees and associates serving clients through our network of offices located in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, Colombia, and The People’s Republic of China.  Norwest Corporation has offices located in Colorado notably, Denver, Trinidad, and Steamboat Springs.  The Colorado offices specialize in innovative hydrological, engineering, and legal support services to private industry throughout the United States and abroad.

These offices provide hydrologic consulting services for existing and proposed coal bed methane (CBM) projects.  Our personnel have extensive experience in the assimilation and interpretation of data to evaluate CBM resources; determine optimum operating parameters; predict depressurization and gas/water production rates; develop appropriate water management strategies; design and construct water handling facilities; and provide permitting and compliance support.  Norwest Corporation has developed permitting and water quality database management systems for operators.

The Norwest Trinidad office is located in the heart of the Raton Basin.  The Stormwater Teams’ familiarity with field is unsurpassed enabling our client the best possible outcome for environmental compliance.  Water quality sampling and surface water monitoring specialists work cohesively to ensure all permit requirements are met.  Our locale allows for ongoing support and maintenance to area gaging stations along with immediate spill response. 

Norwest's experience in water resources has benefitted many clients in planning and permitting new projects as well as understanding hydrologic impacts and environmental constraints facing existing operations.  The coming generation is expected to face the most challenging period ever for the energy and extractive minerals industries, and Norwest will continue to evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities facing our clients.

Apishapa Watershed
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Apishapa Watershed

Norwest Denver Office
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Denver, CO 80246
Telephone:  303.782.0164
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Apishapa Watershed

Apishapa Watershed
Apishapa Watershed

What is a Watershed?
A watershed is an area of land where water from rain and melting snow and ice drains downhill into a body of water. The watershed includes both the streams and rivers that convey the water as well as the land surfaces from which water drains into those channels.

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Apishapa Watershed

Apishapa Watershed